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 Your Customer Service Installation Company 
Mill-Tel is your in the know company!

Mostly, we install trust.

Any contractor can run wires, but it takes a well structured organization to be a well
rounded business.  This means being the best at our occupation when it comes to
the Telecommunications Industry.  But we realize that no matter
how skilled we become at our occupation,
our company is only as good as our customer relations.

You can rest assured that when you contract with Mill-Tel, Inc.
you will find much to appreciate.

To insure the best quality service for our customers, Mill-Tel, Inc.
employs a full time technical advisor and quality control inspector. 
We have a well engineered training and education program with a full time instructor.


    Now Hiring

    MILL-TEL Wichita Office
    5550 N. Hydraulic
    Wichita, KS 67219
    phone - 316.262.7171
    toll-free - 888.409.2225
    fax - 316.262.2947

    MILL-TEL Kansas City Office
    514 E. 10th Ave.
    Kansas City, MO 64116
    phone - 816.474.4020
    fax - 816.474.3116

    MILL-TEL Arkansas Office
    5480 Hailey Suite D
    Springdale, AR 72762
    phone - 479.419.5570
    fax - 479.419.5572

    MILL-TEL Tulsa Office
    11121 E. Pine St., Suite A
    Tulsa, OK 74116
    phone - 918.392.3365
    fax - 918.392.3364

    MILL-TEL Dallas Office
    2081 E. Division
    Arlington, Texas
    phone - 817-863-5513